Conductive, Static Dissipative, Antistatic Yarn, Non-woven Fabric

Conductive, Static Dissipative, Antistatic Yarn and Non-woven Fabric

Features of Conductive, Static Dissipative, Antistatic Yarn

PET, nylon synthetic resin masterbatch with high dispersion and impregnation CNT processing so that CNT particles in the base resin have a continuous network by minimum required amount
Problems of the existing conductive yarn products are mostly black tone color and thick denier, which limit to expand to general clothes
Our conductive yarn and non-woven fabric solve the above problems and realize the unique color of the base resin, giving the dye's unique color and conductivity at the same time to provide various functionalities applicable to outdoor clothing, hospital and semiconductor factory dustproof clothing, antistatic clothing, and widely applied to textile products