functional composite

Micro-Composite, Inc. has three core technologies ranging from raw-to-intermediate materials for functional composite : nano-material synthesis/dispersion, particles surface modification, microstructure-controlled filler impregnation composite processing.


The main fillers are linear CNT, planar hBN, which are impregnated to show a continuous network in the base resin after surface treatment and dispersion processes to realize the functionalities such as electrical and thermal conductivity of the composite with the minimum required amount. As a result, it is possible to manufacture a composite that preserves the properties of the base resin as well as the targetted functionality. 


Currently available products including the development :

1) Electrically conductive solution : CNT dispersion solution, Self-assembly anisotropic conductive paste, Antistatic compound/masterbatch

2) Thermally conductive solution : Thermal radiation coating solution, Thermal conductive compound

3) Metalworking eco-friendly cutting solution : Water mist MQL cutting water

4) Functional yarn solution : Antistatic masterbatch, Antibacterial masterbatch

5) Particle surface modification : Conductive coating, Hydrophilic/hydrophobic modification, Dispersion enhanced modification, Foreign particle coating


By further developing and combining the three core technologies, we will provide the functional composite, which are essential intermediate materials for the major industry including semiconductor, automotive, metalworking, display, IT mobile terminals and appliance, functional clothes, suppression of COVID19 pandemic.

Composite processing, Nano-material synthesis/dispersion, Fine particle surface modification
To enhance the competitiveness of functional composite