functional composite

We have three technologies ranging from raw to intermediate materials for functional composite : nano-material synthesis/dispersion, particles surface modification, microstructure-controlled filler impregnation composite processing. In addition, we play a role as SCC sales agent of computational fluid dynamics softwares on extrusion, mixing/dispersion, thermal management, cast solidification, supporting the customer with computer-aided engineering for manufacturing facility field.


The functional fillers are impregnated to have a continuous network in the base resin using our technologies to provide the functionalities to the composite with the minimum required filler amount.


Currently available products including the development :

1) Electrically conductive part : CNT dispersion solution, Antistatic compound/masterbatch,

Self-assembly anisotropic conductive paste

2) Thermally conductive part : Thermal conductive compound

3) Metalworking fluid part : Ecofriendly aqueous cutting fluid

4) CFD software (SCC) : extrusion, mixing/dispersion, thermal management, cast solidification

5) Particle surface treatment : Conductive, Hydrophilic/hydrophobic, Foreign particle coating


By further developing and fusing the process technologies, we will provide the functional composite, which are essential intermediate materials to the major industry including metalworking, semiconductor, automotive, display, IT mobile terminals and appliance, functional clothes. Additionally we contribute to save production cost by applying CFD to manufacturing industry.

Composite processing, Nano-material synthesis/dispersion, Surface modification
Combined for advanced functional composite