Conductive Compound/Masterbatch

Conductive, Static Dissipative, Antistatic Compound or Masterbatch

Features of Conductive Masterbatch or Compound

- Conductive, static dissipative, antistatic compounds and masterbatches in all plastic grades including general (PE, PP, ABS, PS, etc), engineering (PA6, TPU, PC, etc) and super-engineering (PTFE, PEEK, PEI, etc) plastics
- Based on alloying base resins and functional nano-fillers consisted of CNT, organic and inorganic substances with the minimum required amount by applying our three core technologies
- Problems of existing products : generating foreign substances of fine particles due to its surface abrasion during long-term use, and whitish cloudiness undermining transparency due to surface migration of the ionic liquid phase present within a layered structure inside the polymer 
- Solving the above problems fundamentally and surface resistivity ranging from 10^5 to 10^9 ohm/sq with preserving the intrinsic properties of base resin such as color and mechanical properties, so can easily be formulated for injection molding, extrusion, (transparent) film processing
- Available in natural(transparent), black, colored pellet with all polymer grades
- Application : the storage and packaging of electronic parts and assemblies, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, computer and appliances industries, hazardous liquids tanker, various manufacturing facilities including semiconductor industry to prevent the serious problems caused by static electricity